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Why it pays to be a smart recruiter

Bonita Wood, Operations Director explained that smartphones offer a superior user friendly experience for job seekers.

“Smart phones give the user ease of access to all new job opportunities as soon as they become available , allowing anybody keeping an eye on the market easy access to these quickly filled positions”

Whilst some recruitment sites operate as an application, the Prima Ardelle Associates ® mobile site is simply accessed through the internet with mobile friendly easy access and navigation and is of course available on any smartphone web enabled platform.

“It’s easy now to catch up on news with the likes of Twitter, socialise on Facebook and of course browse for opportunities on our new mobile website, when you have free time like never before. Our research and website statistics have shown that web savvy job seekers that have a smart phone are at a considerable advantage in being able to keep abreast of new opportunities as the economy continues to improve across all business sectors.” explained Bonita in more detail.

The new Prima Ardelle mobile website offers latest vacancies, job searching, discreet job updates by email and shortlisting with vacancies updated daily. If a position is of interest then you can easily shortlist it and apply later on in the day.
Bonita Wood, points out that the mobile web is an easy medium in which to communicate with, and becoming even more popular with switched on career minded individuals.

“With more and more people now using smartphones as part of their everyday life it makes perfect sense to adopt this technology as our clients expect the very best candidates in this market. Deploying smartphone technology allows us to deliver this as part of our commitment to supply quality employees to the market leading companies that we act for.”

To put this into perspective:

• 76% - of all mobile traffic was conducted on an iPhone or iPad with androids, blackberry’s and other devices making up the remainder
• 54% - the increase shown in mobile traffic to our website from August 2011 to January 2012
• In excess of 48 Million mobile phone users in the UK.
• Over 23 Million + browse the web using their mobile phones.
• Browsing by phone is growing by 20% every year.
• 2 Million People + now use mobile phones to search for jobs.*
Research shows that mobile jobseekers prefer the following functionality when using a mobile recruitment website
• Accessibility- No need to be near a desktop PC to web search
• Convenience - Ease of access, you can use your smart phone whenever and wherever you are
• Privacy- There are no privacy concerns from using a shared desktop PC
• Freedom- On your own smart phone mobile, you are free to search whenever you want

“Smartphones give candidates a finger on the pulse in the job market and enables them to act swiftly should they need to or just simply conduct their job research at their own leisure under no pressure by simply browsing our mobile friendly website. “
The Prima Ardelle Associates ® new mobile website offers an easy to navigate access to all of the current opportunities, updated in real time, as well as being an important part of overall strategy in attracting the best talent available for our client companies.”

The best of all is you don’t have to download it from app store, you can start your search now by simply visiting or our main site on a smart phone.

 *Source: Mobile & Video in Recruitment Conference 2011