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Q and A with Phil Dorrington

What industry were you in before?

I previously worked in double glazing telesales and managed a call centre in a telecanvassing company. You have to be proactive in canvassing, hiring, training and selling on the phone, skills I’ve been able to apply immediately to recruitment. That’s when I first met Becky. She has a recruitment background so when she was looking to return to work after maternity leave I snapped her up. Taking up the franchise was a bit of a leap of faith for me, so she’s an excellent person to have come aboard and back up the training Martin gave me. She’s just upped to 4 days a week too; it’s great to have someone experienced and comfortable working with me. We’re coming up to two months now and it’s working well for both of us.

What other benefits have transferred from your previous role?

Persistency! I can handle disappointment well and am stoic with what life might throw at me - you get used to knockbacks! Saying that, B2B is more of a slow burner than B2C, but you have the chance to build relationships, which is ultimately far more satisfying. 

How much vacancy opportunity have you picked up since opening?

It’s actually really busy, and we’re seeing an upturn on a weekly basis. We started off with quite a high volume after week two of our launch anyway. With the franchisors support at the launch we picked up a lot of business from local companies by following time proven methods used by Prima Ardelle Associates.

This has worked really well as you could see the whole process quite quickly - and this also helped financially, as the money came in quite quickly to keep us moving forward.

Are you working from home or an office?

Had I been working alone, I’d probably have worked from home, but having a colleague it made sense to find an office space, and we were lucky enough to find a really good one. We have face to face meetings with clients at their premises, so our office is very much a working space for paperwork and liaising with clients over the phone, which is how most business is conducted. It’s actually really nice to be able to separate work from home.

Has the change of career affected your lifestyle?

Definitely. I used to work 9am-7pm Monday - Friday, weekends, evenings and bank holidays. Now it’s 9-5.30pm Monday to Friday. I can work more if I want to, and often do, as the evening may be best to contact a client, but I can adapt my hours - and I have my weekends back, for which my girlfriend is very grateful! She was concerned at first, with me giving up a good job, but now I have a level of control over my earnings and it’s working out better.

What made you take the plunge and change career?

Meeting the support team at Prima Ardelle Associates swung the decision for me. I wouldn’t have entered into a business on my own, I couldn’t have taken that risk, and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it without support. I weighed up that option of going it alone and decided against it.

I found this opportunity online, while looking for something different. I’d applied to a couple of recruitment jobs previously, to get some experience before setting up on my own, but the pay cut I’d have had to take to go into something at a junior level was too much. So I decided, I may as well use the money I’d lose to buy the franchise and hit the ground running. It’s worked out much better for me, and moving in the right direction every week.

You do hear that recruitment can be a bit cut and thrust but the way Prima Ardelle go about things is much more friendly and a lot less smash - and - grab, unlike double glazing! I’ve had a candidate say that to me. I put this down to the first class training and mentoring that I have received from the franchisor. Their processes are a lot more credible, the way they go about things is a lot more friendly. The emphasis is definitely on the service and not sales, which of course, means that sales take care of themselves - reputation is everything.

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