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Candidate Enjoys Success With Prima Ardelle Associates

I did what we all do, updated my c.v and uploaded it to all the usual job sites. Apart from the endless list of totally inappropriate 'job list' emails, I have had no contact. That is apart from two phone calls. One offered me a telephone interview with a prospective employer, she was so dull I found it hard to take her seriously!

The other however called me out of the blue, introduced herself and asked if she could help, she was so motivational and instantly made me feel at ease, I felt as if I had known her for years! Within a few days Bonita had organised three interviews for me, guided me at every step of the way, gave me instant feedback, but most importantly, helped me stay focused!
I now have a new job with real prospects, all thanks to Bonita and Prima Ardelle Associates, Bonita seems to have an enviable supply of genuine contacts, she clearly has a very good working relationship with them, and a clear understanding of everyone's needs.

Without the very professional approach and positive attitude of Bonita I could still be unemployed.
Imagine that!

I cannot thank them enough, - Paul from Kent