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Enviromental Policy

At Prima Ardelle Associates® we strive for excellence in every aspect of our organisation. We also recognise the important role that our organisation its employees and franchisee’s play in minimising the impact of our organisation on the environment. Over and above this primary aim, we are proud to continuously ensure that we actively contribute to a greener, healthier society for all.

To achieve this, we will:

• Where appropriate encourage and offer support to staff for shared travel and greener routes to work schemes
• Champion environmental issues throughout the organisation and maintain this as one of our core values
• Constantly consider the environmental impact of decisions made relating to the procurement of goods and services
• Comply with all relevant environmental legislation
• Hold open discussion and clear lines of communication for all employees and related stakeholders to express ideas and/or concerns regarding our policies and procedures and how their environmental impact can be minimised
• Ensure that all employees and franchisee’s that operate under the Prima Ardelle Associates ® brand are made aware of this environmental policy as part of their induction programme


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